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Top Free PC Game Websites

Top 10 Free PC Game Websites

Top Free PC Game Websites

10. Steam


09. Reloaded Abandonia

Reloaded provides is a free computer game site dedicated to remakes of classic/retro video games and community made freeware games. Layout and navigation of Reloaded are very nice with screenshots and descriptions of all games listed in its directory.

The site also offers information and links for many older retail games that have been seemingly “abandoned” by the original copyright holder.

08. Ocean of Games

Top Free PC Game Websites

Of all the free PC game websites detailed here, Ocean of Games is probably the most controversial and questionable sites around. The reason for this is due to the fact that many of the games on Ocean of Games are newer releases and have not been made available as freeware. While the site offers download links to many new releases, they most likely do not have the permission of original copyright holders to distribute freely.

Ocean of Games homepage lists the latest games that have been posted for download but then also includes genre-based categories and search functionality.

07. Liberated Games

Liberated Games

Liberated Games is a website dedicated to cataloging and providing information on full commercial games that have been released as freeware by their original copyright holders.

06. Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs
Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs is a freeware/abandonware site that offers a vast number of titles for download. It is a virtual gold mine for many classic out-of-print games and has grown to a library of over 5,000 games. The list of freeware game titles is fairly impressive and the site is updated quarterly. Home of the Underdogs has gone through a number of fan supported redesigns and relaunches leading to multiple sites that host some (but not all) of the games found on the original.

It also appears that the latest edition of Home of the Underdogs no longer provides game downloads, instead, it provides details on thousands of games and then a search option to find where you can obtain the games.

Fullgames lists a decent number of free computer games both downloadable freeware and free online game but they are also listed along with other retail game assets such as demos and trailers.

04. is a pure freeware game website, you won’t find any demos or shareware games here. It boasts more than 4,000 games and is one of the most frequently updated freeware gaming websites.

03.Best Old Games

Best Old Games
Best Old Games is a website that specializes in old classic DOS games. Many of the games hosted here are abandonware, meaning they are not currently available for sale but they are also no longer being supported by the original creator. There are hundreds of games currently hosted on making it a great site to fans some of your favorite classic PC games from your childhood.

Most games that are available are also in their original format and not compatible with most recent versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, so in order to play any of these, you will need to download and install a DOS emulator such as DOSBox.

02. Acid-Play


Acid-Play has grown into one of the more reliable free gaming websites around. It offers more than 860 free game downloads. All games listed on are reviewed and given a percentage rating. The reviews and ratings are a great guide for determining the quality of the free game.

01. has recently gone through an update from the early 2000s designed a website to a more modern, mobile-friendly site. The new site has dedicated forums to talk about gaming, user reviews, commenting and much more.

Downloads do require an email registration which grants access to all of the 100 or so games that are hosted there. It is worth a second look if you are familiar with the old site.

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