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RUSH : Rise up special heroes v1.0.104 Mod Apk

RUSH : Rise up special heroes v1.0.104 Mod Apk

RUSH Rise up special heroes – RPG project with beautiful Asian-style graphics and exciting adventures in a dangerous but exciting world. Join the brave heroes who seek to become the best of the best, search for powerful artifacts, practice killing hundreds of monsters in a variety of abandoned locations, join a guild for faster results achieve and coordinate actions with other players.

RUSH : Rise up special heroes v1.0.104 Mod Apk ★ New accounts will receive large rewards for 8 days!
Day 1 4-star Overlord Cain
Day 2 100,000 Gold
Day 3 5-star Hero Lottery
Day 4 6-star Hero Lottery
Day 5 5-star Gear Lottery
Day 6 6-star Gear Lottery
Day 7 100 Keys
Day 8 4-star Overlord Lottery
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* Adventure mode for continuous character training! Hundreds of steps!
* If the adventure mode is too difficult, try the Tower of Challenge!
* Try the Arena Fight if you think you are ready!
* Fight against the world boss in a hurry!
* Play Guild Boss Raid in real time with other heroes!
* Collect Soul-stones to conquer Heroes to Overlords!
* Develop your heroes by collecting Evolution elements in the Daily Dungeon!


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