How to Change WordPress Site URL from phpMyAdmin

How to Change WordPress Site URL from phpMyAdmin

How to Make your WordPress installation WP-site URL in the event you nolonger have access to the New domain name.
: Before proceed with any change, it is HIGHLY recommended you save a backup of your database prior to any changes:

  1. Frist Login  in to the Your cPanel account for the domain  question.

2. Click on the Dashboard “phpMyAdmin” icon with in the “Databases” Department.

How to Change WordPress Site URL from phpMyAdmin

Expand the database associate with the WordPress installation and Clickthe “wp_options” table.

how to change database url in wordpress

 Next Search for “siteurl” within the “option_name” column and click the“Edit” Button in the row.

 Change the domain name in the “option_value” section.
NOTE: Be Conform  to only change the yourdomain name and not the directory.

 If you sure change URL Click the “Go” button when done.

 Check the change new domain. you back to the wp_options table where thenew domain will now be connected.

 Navigate button through the pages and search for “home” button withinthe “option_name” column and click the “Edit” link in the same row.

 The Repeat steps 5 and6 to the change the URL.

 It’s successfully done,you should now be able to access WordPress Site using the new domain name.


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